E-Mail Marketing For Dummies

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E-Mail Marketing For Dummies

Updated to reflect the hottest new trends, technologies, and strategies!

Much has happened in e-mail marketing since the first edition of this book appeared in 2007. With the dramatic rise of social media and mobile devices, there are more ways than ever to target campaigns and maximize your e-mail marketing dollars. The new edition of this helpful book is full of practical advice, whether you?re an enterprise-level marketer using a third-party e-mail marketing company or small business owner handling everything yourself.

Helps you map out an e-mail marketing strategy with reachable objectives Simplifies the process of list-building, message-creation, and results-tracking Offers legal guidance, so you stay compliant with anti-spam laws Shows you how to deliver your message and incorporate social media Explains how to track and interpret results Includes the top ten things you should not put in your messages, and much more

Get more out of your e-mail marketing campaigns with this easy-to-follow guide.

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2 Responses

  1. C L King says:

    great information. Easy to follow great information. Easy to follow.

  2. Vlad says:

    A Well written and structured thorough guide. Very full and thorough guide about Email Marketing. I admit that I didn’t finished reading it but I learned many news thing from it and keep it by my desk for future reference. This book is not for “Dummies” at all – many full time experienced Marketing professionals and even seasoned Email Marketers will find it very useful and enriching.

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