Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing

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Email Persuasion: Captivate and Engage Your Audience, Build Authority and Generate More Sales With Email Marketing

“A results getting tour de force. This is simply the best book on email marketing I have ever read.” Howard Lothrop

Email Persuasion: The Step-By-Step Guide to Attracting More Clients and Winning More Sales With Email Marketing

Business fads come and go, but Email Marketing has consistently outperformed all other marketing strategies. In Email Persuasion, marketing expert Ian Brodie reveals the techniques that are working right now to allow professionals and small businesses to connect with potential clients, build trust-based relationships and generate more sales through email.

Inside the book you’ll discover:
The Customer Insight Mapping technique for building deep understanding of what your clients need and what will motivate them to buy from you.6 surefire subject line models that will get your emails opened and read.The “optin formula” for getting the right people to subscribe to your emails (and how to accelerate the growth of your subscriber list).How to engage AND persuade with your emails so that you build a loyal ‘fan base’ ready to buy from you.The advanced techniques for turning email subscribers into paying clients (and why accepted wisdom on selling in emails is almost all wrong).”We’ve seen a threefold increase in leads and we’ve won several new clients.” Adrian Willmott

Email Persuasion lays out a clear blueprint for building an engaged subscriber base, building credibility and trust through your emails and converting your subscribers into paying clients.

No jargon. No fluff. Just practical, real-world strategies that deliver results.

“Pick any one idea from this amazing collection of rock solid common sense on email marketing and just do it! Quite simply, it works!” Tony Latimer

Want to know how to build a list of ideal clients as subscribers fast? Start with the Opt-In formula on page 19.

How to get through spam filters, and “greymail” technology? Turn to page 43 for the most up to date advice.

The best format for emails? Page 57. When to send them and how frequently? Start on page 59, but also check page 83 on why frequent emailing is often more effective?

Getting your system onto autopilot? Page 95. Advanced techniques to get the right messages to the subscribers who will most value them? Page 103. Writing persuasively? Page 109.

“Ian gives you all the information you need to succeed in plain and simple English based on what actually works in the real business world today” Anna Letitia Cook
Packed full of examples, templates and clear next steps for you to do to get your own email marketing system up and running quickly and getting you results. If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the complexity of email marketing or been unsure where to start to get the best results, Email Persuasion will provide you a clear path to succeeding with email.

If you want to get results fast from email marketing then you need Email Persuasion. Scroll up and grab a copy now.

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3 Responses

  1. JM says:

    Already seeing a huge improvement Like the book, it’s been helpful improving my email follow-up series. Helped me to realize where I was slacking in terms of engagement, and gave me the confidence to send a daily follow-up email. Already seeing a huge improvement in terms of sales (90% of my revenue comes from email marketing), open rate and click rate. Also helpful in understanding how email marketing systems work with tips to improve reaching someone’s inbox to get more opens.

  2. Terry J. Dunlap, Jr. says:

    $80,000 using only email I used the advise in this book with my ecommerce business. I was able to generate over $80k in sales over a 12-month period with no other advertising. Email marketing works. And the strategies in this book are sound.

  3. Donnie Bryant says:

    Great…Now I have to re-think EVERYTHING! l’ve long been a student of email marketing, and I’m not bad at it, if I can be so bold. (Both my open rate and CTR are three times the industry average and reader engagement is really strong.)But reading through Mr. Brodie’s book, I see so many ways to improve my email strategy…so many concepts that I hadn’t fully grasped before…so many opportunities to quit “winging it” and be purposeful.Email Persuasion is a fantastic resource from a true boots-on-the-ground expert. Of course, having been reading Ian’s emails for a couple years now, I expected nothing less.Even after pulling back the curtain and revealing his secrets, I’m no less in awe of this email-writing wizard.Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, marketers and anyone who uses email to make things happen.

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