Facebook Marketing: Strategies for Advertising, Business, Making Money and Making Passive Income (FREE BONUS AND FREE GIFT)

Create Amazing Business Opportunities with the Power of Facebook Marketing! In this expanded 4th edition of Facebook Marketing Strategies for Advertising, Business, Making Money and Making Passive Income, you’ll be taken through a step-by-step process on how to develop your web presence. You will understand how Facebook Marketing is shaping business today – and why it is so effective. You’ll find out why it’s essential to use Facebook to promote your company – and to build an online community! Furthermore, Facebook Marketing Strategies for Advertising, Business, Making Money and Making Passive Income teaches you to: Know your market and who you’re talking to Understand the people in your neighborhood – and what they want Increase your reach, reputation, and community Avoid “unlikes” and “unfollows” and so much more! You’ll find out how to use the tools and features of your Facebook page for increased marketing impact, and how to get the most out of the Facebook Business Manager. You’ll discover how to leverage the call-to-action button, your scheduled publishing option, and the page comparison feature. Don’t wait while your competition takes advantage of this valuable opportunity! You’ll even find out how to maximize Facebook niche communities! Read Facebook Marketing Strategies for Advertising, Business, Making Money and Making Passive Income right away and take charge of your online marketing space!

Product Features

  • Facebook Marketing Strategies for Advertising Business Making Money and Making Passive Income Free Bonus and Free Gift


  1. Facebook marketing strategies! Facebook is such an important branding tool and this book was incredibly helpful in helping me navigate its changing landscape. This is a practical book. The end product is an actionable roadmap for a total makeover of your Facebook business strategy, which will take you from zero to a Facebook marketing hero pronto. If your looking to create a strong and wealthy presence on Facebook, than this is the book you want to read. Matthew goes into direct details that explain the purpose of each aspect. The examples are phenomenal and his worksheets couldn’t be more helpful. This guide is very clear, and allows a very practical approach to apply best practices and strategies. This is one of those books that is so good you’re happy you read but you kind of wish no one else could read it. As the writing of the book notes, everyone on Facebook who is advertising to your customer is your competitor because you are all vying for the same space in the news feed. If you want the best guide to…

  2. Found my foot on the subject of Facebook Marketing! Being unsure how to take my photography hobby to the next level, how to make some money with it and how to let people know this is a service that I can provide them was a challenge for me. I did not want to spend lots of money on marketing so this book took my perspective for online marketing especially using Facebook to the next level. It is a great platform that is cost effective and easy to get the hang of it once you start. The book gives insight on all the aspects of Facebook marketing, how to increase sales is a awesome chapter that helps you with how to post specific promotions, how to create ads that is targeted to a specific crowed that previously visited your website and lots more tips like these!

  3. A VERY COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FACEBOOK MARKETING! I am actually new to using the internet and social media ‘as’ marketing techniques. I am in the very beginning stages of planning my own small business and from loads of sources (including books) I have found that the social media is THE most successful, efficient and affordable method for marketing. I checked out another book that detailed YouTube, intsagram, twitter and Facebook together as the best sources of social media. It said that based on a study, Facebook is a better source, not saying I should ignore others, but my attention should mostly focus on Facebook for marketing purposes. 

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