Social Media Marketing – when you have NO CLUE!: Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook (Beginner Internet Marketing Series) (Volume 4)

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Social Media Marketing – when you have NO CLUE!: Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook (Beginner Internet Marketing Series) (Volume 4)


STEP-BY-STEP: Winning, Easy-to-Follow Strategies for Building a Large Following on Social Media

Youtube – Instagram – Pinterest – Twitter – Facebook

Learn how to make money with your Social Networks and how to market your brand most effectively

Each Chapter is set up as follows: – Overview and Current Trends for each Platform – Your Profile – Your Posts – Strategies for Growing your Following – Tools & Further Training – Daily Routine

Massive Monetization Chapter for Youtube

Interactive with many Videos and Outside Resources

FREE Bonus Report: “Words that Sell”

The Psychology behind the 10 most Influential Words in the English Language and how you can use them to Grow Your Following and turn Readers into Buyers

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3 Responses

  1. John Castellano says:

    Good intro If you want an intro to social media marketing, this book is for you. She give great general and detailed information on how to use social media marketing on all the major platforms. The kindle version is chock full of lists, none of which I’ve clicked yet. I might have to read this book twice. Sassy girl knows she stuff.

  2. Kady says:

    Taught me how to be more efficient with my time “Social Media Marketing When You Have No Clue” covers YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and P interest. The book covers the basics of how to get started on each platform from creating profiles to how to use each platform efficiently. I am not a total beginner but I did not know a lot of short cuts before reading this book. I found information on scheduling and management tools very useful.

  3. S&S Consultations says:

    Chapter 1 Is the Meat & Potatoes of Your Blog I love this book! I read it just a few days ago and was able to organize my YouTube channel. My 7 minute intro video is very straight to the point with my watchers.They know exactly what I have to offer and how it can help them. I no longer have a blog because I’m too ADHD to sit and write out posts. :-PI do everything by video so I can speak my mind and people see my emotions.This book will also help you set up your very own blog. I’m not sure what I have, is it a vlog? Perhaps. Chapter one is the meat, and potatoes of your blogging journey. There are some very provocative questions for you to answer.I suggest you write down your answers for clarity. As I said before, I took the questions and answered them right on my intro video. Get this book and read chapter 1 immediately. If you get stuck on a question, don’t skip it. Simply put it to the side until you think a little more, but make sure you answer that question. Best wishes to you all!

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