Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day

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Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day

Develop and implement a Pinterest marketing strategy with this step-by-step guide

Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform, with more than 80 percent of its users women between the ages of 25 and 54. Learn to reach this desirable market by following the advice in this step-by-step, task-based guide! It explains Pinterest’s unique appeal and fundamentals, then shows how to develop a strategic marketing plan, set up an account, curate winning content, find followers, and track and monitor Pinterest traffic. The popular An Hour a Day format uses a detailed how-to approach with case studies, tips, interviews, and more.

Learn how craft, implement, measure, and optimize a successful Pinterest marketing plan Explore the factors behind Pinterest’s appeal and learn how to develop a plan based on your business’s core goals, then implement it and monitor the results Review case studies and interviews with successful Pinterest marketers to use as guidelines for your own campaigns

Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day gives you the know-how and the confidence to market your business on today’s hottest social media platform.

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3 Responses

  1. Amber Watson-tardiff says:

    A practical guide to fast results! If you’ve struggled to understand Pinterest and the true benefit it can have on your business or bottom line, this book is an excellent first start. Jennifer offers very practical, how-to steps that will show you how to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and leverage Pinterest for sales. The book is easy to scan, offers lots of visuals and allows you to learn at your own pace. Using some of the tips, I was able to see immediate results and more traffic to my site right away. As a business owner, I highly recommend this book.

  2. Kimberly Krause Berg says:

    Fall in Love With Pinterest As a newcomer to Pinterest, I wondered what Jennifer could possibly write about it. Boy, was I ever wrong! In her conversational writing style, Jennifer tells the fascinating story of how Pinterest came into being and the power of women in the social space. I’m sorry I missed the early glory days but thankfully she takes you into the world of this popular new form of networking with a fresh perspective. Pinterest is fun, addicting and friendly. For online marketers, it provides a brand new way to engage with your customers using photos and bit of creative writing and yes, the power of women in marketing. If you want to promote your web site and products, news, and really most anything using Pinterest, Jennifer’s book will show you how. Highly recommended.

  3. Book Buyer says:

    Best Pinterest Book on the market I learned so much about Pinterest from this book. Well, written, great examples. I use the strategies in this book on our clients websites.

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