Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

**Winner of the TAA 2017 Textbook Excellence Award**

“Social Media Marketing deserves special kudos for its courage in tackling the new frontier of social media marketing. This textbook challenges its readers to grapple with the daunting task of understanding rapidly evolving social media and its users.”―TAA Judges Panel

Social Media Marketing was the first textbook to cover this vital subject. It shows how social media fits into and complements the marketer’s toolbox. The book melds essential theory with practical application as it covers core skills such as strategic planning for social media applications, incorporating these platforms into the brand’s marketing communications executions, and harnessing social media data to yield customer insights.

The authors outline the “Four Zones” of social media that marketers can use to achieve their strategic objectives. These include:

1. Community (e.g. Instagram)
2. Publishing (e.g. Tumblr)
3. Entertainment (e.g. Candy Crush Saga)
4. Commerce (e.g. Groupon)

This Second Edition contains new examples, industry developments and academic research to help students remain current in their marketing studies, as well as a new and improved user-friendly layout to make the text easy to navigate.

The textbook also provides a free companion website that offers valuable additional resources for both instructors and students. Visit: Readers of the book are also invited to join the authors and others online by using the hashtag: #smm

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3 Responses

  1. nessa007 says:

    the index is easy to navigate and the fact that the important terms … Interesting and informative textbook. This is a required book for my Social Media class in graduate school and it’s full of valuable information. By the way, during quizzes and exams, the index is easy to navigate and the fact that the important terms are in blue font helps to find information quickly.

  2. Kayla H. says:

    Inspiring Text If you are a social media novice, this is a great educator to how and why it works in your favor. If I had more time, I would read it outside of the bare minimal that I need to complete assignments in my online Social Media Marketing course. The chapters are brief and it is lightweight. If you are short on time and you are allowed open book tests, the end of chapter summaries are a great overview of the chapter without having to read each chapter in entirety.

  3. Mark Burgess says:

    The best social media marketing textbook available There are a number of books available on this topic but I have found that Social Media Marketing may be the best! I have used this book as the text for teaching a social media marketing course at a major university on three occasions. This is a great read, full of examples and information that is valuable to the reader (in my case, students) who are eager to learn more about how marketers can leverage and benefit from using social media. In particular, there is a solid outline on how to create a social media marketing plan. Again, very valuable and this template may be applied from small to mid-size businesses to an enterprise. Students have made very positive comments on Social Media Marketing 2nd edition, and found it to be very useful in developing social media marketing plans. I strongly recommend this book for anyone who needs to learn how to leverage social media.

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