Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day

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Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day

The complete guide to a successful Twitter marketing campaign

Twitter is a microblogging service that’s changing the way we communicate. Marketers recognize its value, and Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day offers marketers, advertisers, brand managers, PR professionals, and business owners an in-depth guide to designing, implementing, and measuring the impact of a complete Twitter strategy.

Expert author Hollis Thomases acquaints you with the Twitterverse, its conventions, and its fascinating demographics and statistics. She then teaches you step by step how to effectively craft successful branding and direct response strategies that can be scaled to any organization and its objectives. Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day uses interesting case studies, success stories, anecdotes, and examples to demonstrate how to use Twitter metrics in order to inform strategic direction. You’ll discover how top companies-large and small-have leveraged this exciting communications platform.

Twitter has become a phenomenon with 32 million users, including major companies such as Apple, JetBlue, and CNN This step-by-step guide explains the demographics, shows how companies are using Twitter, and explains how to scale the approach to your enterprise The detailed coverage includes the basics for Twitter newcomers and explores all elements of a successful strategy Expert author Hollis Thomases shows how to set goals, develop and implement a plan, attract followers, and measure the impact of a campaign The in-depth book explains how to maintain momentum and explores such issues as contests, promotions, and crisis management

Twitter Marketing: An Hour a Day is the ultimate guide to succeeding one tweet at a time!

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  1. Jeff W. says:

    Twitter Marketing by Hollis Thomases Hollis has written an excellent book giving newbies and oldies a great tool to learn how to market a business or service on Twitter. The book is well laid out, organized very well and very through. You will learn many useful things about to market your business on Twitter from Hollis’s idea and excellent examples. Hollis is a real person and personally responded to several twits I sent her. You can’t learn from a better expert than Hollis who runs her own Social Media marketing comapnyTwitter Marketing: An Hour a Day

  2. Christopher Maddox says:

    An essential guide and reference for marketing with Twitter I am not a marketing person per se, but as a business executive I have to appreciate any resource that helps me get my arms wrapped around a new technology and how it can be leveraged to improve my results. I have been a Twitter user for nearly two years, but my use is limited mostly to personal networking, following news in my industry, and staying connected with my home city while I travel extensively on business. 

  3. Jeremy says:

    Textbook meets Reference Book This book was certainly the most interactive books I’ve ever read; even more so than those `Choose your Own Adventure Series’ books that I will never actually admit to purchasing. The medium in which the author made her book available played a huge role in my enjoyment of the material. I was able to purchase her book through the Kindle store on and download it onto my iPhone. This made it extremely convenient to interact in `real-time’ with the various website links that Thomases provided in her data references. This `interactive’ theme carried its way throughout the entire book, enabling me to be `just click away’ from relevant blogs, stories, feeds and references. 

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