Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy (Punk Rock Marketing Collection) (Volume 1)

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Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy (Punk Rock Marketing Collection) (Volume 1)

Discover the Secrets to Making Money With Twitter! Not sure how to navigate your way through all those tweets, follows and hashtags to boost your marketing efforts? Want to know how to use Twitter to spread your message, build your brand…and make some frickin’ moolah? Looking for a NO B.S. and super-simple guide to this profitable (though often frustrating) social network? Worry not! Because in “Twitter Marketing Made (Stupidly) Easy” you’l find out: • How to (Really) Make Money With Twitter • The Best and Worst Times to Tweet • The Keys to a Perfect Profit-Generatin’ Tweet • How to Make Money With Contests, Twit Streams and Twitter Q&As • Insider Strategies for Creating Profitable Twitter Ads …and so much more! And each chapter includes easy-to-follow action steps to help you boost your Twitter marketing game – without taking a single $2,000 online course. So, why not begin your quest to Twitter marketing awesomeness…today!

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  • Twitter Marketing Made Stupidly Easy

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3 Responses

  1. Frank Johnson says:

    Great practical tips This book is chock full of great, easy-to-use Twitter marketing tips. My favorite chapter was on how I can mix up and balance my daily tweets along basic themes to maximize my follower engagement and minimize my chance of looking too spammy. Also some great tips for rapidly building my follower base with the ideal type of targeted customers.I’ll be putting these techniques to work immediately and expect a commensurate return on my customer engagement and product sales.I just wish I had these tools six months ago when I first launched my online business!!

  2. Mark Messick says:

    One Of The Best Twitter Marketing Books Out There This is definitely one of the best and most thorough twitter marketing books I’ve ever read; right up there next to Tom Corson-Knowles’ . 

  3. Amazon Customer says:

    Short, easy to read book will get your Tweeting like a pro in no time flat. I have found Twitter to be a very easy and engaging social media platform. Even with the meager marketing instincts I have and without any education on Twitter, I found it useful to spreading the word about my business. Twitter has already directly boosted engagement on my website from nothing to several hundred unique hits a week. However, I knew I was just starting to understand it’s capabilities, and it was time to learn more. 

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